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Willy the Cat


Willy the Cat

Since March 2000 we live in a very rural area in Western Germany, known as Eifel. In our little village there are eight houses, surrounded by pine forrests.

From time to time stray cats appear on our ground. If they decide to stay longer than a day, we catch them for vaccination, sterilization and necessary medical treatment, before we release them again.

Willy appeared some day in 2010. He was very shy to humans but started to batter and bully the other three cats living on our ground; he was a typical rowdy and had a corresponding facial expression.

One day we trapped him in a cat trap and delivered him to the vet where he was neutered and vaccinated. At that time it was almost impossible to touch him and after some medical care we released him again.

But Willy decided to stay on our ground. He became less aggressive to the other cats and although he still doesn’t like to be touched by humans, he lost a lot of his shyness.

Meanwhile Willy lives peaceful with the other cats in the souterrain of our house, from where they have unlimited access to our ground.

I took the photo in May 2016 with my Canon EOS 6D, Canon Lens  EF 50mm f/1.8, aperture: f/1.8, ISO: 800, shutter speed: 1/4000, focal length: 50/1.

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