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Vehicle: Why Ural Ranger (Gear Up)?

19 January 2015

When I met the decision to travel to Kamchatka it was no question that I will do it with a Sidecar bike. My actual BMW K1100 isn’t fit for this kind of adventure; not enough ground clearance, wrong tyres etc.


Due to that I need a new combo. There are three options:

  • buying a used travel combo, most of them based on BMW GS motorbikes
  • buying a brand-new Chinese Jialing with Sidecar
  • buying a brand-new Ural Ranger.

I decided against buying a used BMW combo. I want to have a new bike, not a used one.

Jialing sidecar combo

Jialing sidecar combo – “my” bike in Cambodia

I also decided against buying a new Jialing combo. I used Jialing in January 2015 in Cambodia for nine days. It is a modern bike with an engine based on Rotax technology, it is very cheap compared to other combos – but it doesn’t have any character.

At the end I decided for an Ural Ranger. I love the classic look of the combo. It has enough ground clearance, the 19″ tyres are perfect for the roads I expect to use in Kamchatka. Additionally there is the possibility to use the driven sidecar wheel if necessary. Besides that – the Ural is manufactured in Russia and has a Russian soul, another reason to use it for a trip to this remote Russian region.


Ural Ranger (Gear Up)


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