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Kamchatka? Why the hell Kamchatka?

13 January 2016

Kamchatka – a region in eastern Russia, far far away from Germany. The mostly volcanic mainland in the north, Kamchatka Peninsula in the south. West of the peninsula there is the Okhotsk Sea, east of the peninsula the Bering Sea of Pacific Ocean.

Mountains, volcanos, geysers and a unique wildife.

In 2015 I watched a TV report about the 50th latitude; a part of the report covered Kamchatka and especially the Kamchatka Brown Bears. I immediately felt in love with the landscape and the bears and developed the dream to go to Kamchatka to take photos of the bears. Hence I am a passionate motorbiker, of course, my dream included to travel to Kamchatka by motorbike.

In the beginning only a dream, it turned into a plan and a project beginning of 2016 when I sold my old Soviet KMS MV750. The money I received for the old bike is now the financial cadre for the Kamchatka project.


Me on my KMS MV750 (sold in January 2016)

In a later blog I will publish my financial calculation as well as travel plans, transportation plans, efforts to get a special permission to visit the “Valley of Geysers” which is closed for visitors in general.

It’s a long way to realise the project and it will be a long way to go in 2022 – but all long travels start with a first step; and I already have done the first step to realise the project. And more steps will follow.


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