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Photo highlights 2015

1 January 2016

In the middle of 2014 I started “serious” photographing. As a result I learned how to use my Canon EOS 1000D more efficiently and bought some additional equipment such as filters and lenses. For almost 18 months I was fully satisfied with the camera.

Here I would like to show my photo highlights from 2015; starting witha photo I took in January 2015 during a motorbike tour in Cambodia. The photo shows the entrance area of a bar in Siem Reap, near to the most famous temple district Angkor Wat.


I wrote a ride report about this tour which was published in German sidecar magazine International Sidecar Traveller in German and English language. You can find the English version here: No tuk-tuk today

In April and May 2015 I made a motorbike tour on old soviet bikes with Ride East in the Caucasus region of Georgia. During the tour I made some beautiful photos.

The first one shows a herd of animals on the Old Georgian Military Road. We met several animal herds on the roads but I like this photo most.


Also taken on the Old Georgian Military Road at Lake Ananauri, the old Dnepr K750 ridden by our guide Sandro.


Everytime I am in Georgia I have to stop in Pasanauri. There is a private junkyard full with beautiful old vehicles. Of course, we stopped there during the tour as well.


Another photo I took on our way from cave monastry Davit Garechi to Wardzia. We needed to discuss which path we should follow.


You can find more photos here: Georgia 2015

In June 2015 I started to work in Ukraine. Fourteen days I spent in Kiev before I was re-deployed to Eastern Ukraine. In Kiev there are a lot of mobile coffee shops – the photo shows the most amazing one.


End of July 2015 we met a herd of horses near to a horse farm in Luhansk Oblast. It only lasted two or three minutes before the horses disappeared again but I managed to take this photo, which is my absolute highlight photo 2015.


Eastern Ukraine is a dream for all who love old vehicles. I found this old gar truck at a fuel station in Luhansk Oblast. It is common behaviour in Ukraine to use gas trucks and trailers at fuel stations.


The last photo shows the amazing autumn colours in Eastern Ukraine. From springtime to autumn the colours are beautiful – fresh green in springtime, yellow from sunflowers and wheat in summer and a wild mixture of colours in autumn.


Actually I am on leave at home in Germany and just received my new camera. After 18 months using the Canon EOS 1000D I upgraded to a semi-professionell Canon EOS 6D. Let’s see if the future brings more nice photos to be published here.

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