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Georgia Tour with Ride East – Day 2 – Stepantsminda to Ananuri

When we wake up in the morning it’s raining cats and dogs. We enjoy the huge breakfast in the kitchen of our hosts before Martin, Petra, Thomas, Elke and Eileen are picked up for the horse ride to monastry Gergetis Sameba (Gergetian Trinity Church).

Sandro maintains the motorbike and I use the free time for relaxing and observing the idyllic village with its cows, pigs and horses on the roads.

Photo taken by Sandro - it's raining cats and dogs

Photo taken by Sandro – it’s raining cats and dogs

Later Sandro and I discuss the route. We decide to make the next stop in Ananuri instead of going to Akhmeta. It’s already too late to go all way to Akhmeta especially because the road between Jhinvali and Akhmeta is under construction at the moment.

After return of the horse riders, we start at approximately 13.00 h to Ananuri. The rain stops until Kobi where we have to enter the Cross Pass again. With gaining altitude the weather turns bad again – fog and rain. In the avalanche tunnels on the way to Cross Pass we meet huge Russian trucks – a more than uncomfortable feeling.

Photo taken from the video of my VIRB action cam

Photo taken from the video of my VIRB action cam

Arriving in Pasanauri the rain stops and on the way to Ananuri my wet clothes dry in the wind. Why did I forget the rain clothes?

In Ananuri Sandro makes some phone calls and finds Lena’s Hostel. Lena is an elder teacher and offers typical Georgian accommodation, far away from European standards but with typical Georgian overwhelming hospitality.

We end the day after only 90 km of riding in a Georgian street restaurant – enjoying once again Khachapuri, Khingali and other Georgian specialities.

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