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Georgia Tour with Ride East – Arrival in Tbilisi

When I worked in Georgia from 2009 until 2013 I met some Georgian motorbike enthusiasts and made friend with them. One of them organized my KMS MW750M which I imported to Germany when I left Georgia in 2013. Now they started a business in Georgia under the name Ride East, offering guided motorbike tours on old soviet motorbikes with sidecars (Dnepr) in Georgia.

For me it was a question of honor to join their first tour from 1 until 6 May 2015.

After writing about my plans in some German motorbike boards, two German couples, Martin and Petra, Thomas and Elke, decided to join the first tour as well. So it happened that the first tour guided by Sandro from Ride East was a pure German tour (including my daughter Eileen, who lived in Georgia in 2010 to visit an international school in Tbilisi).

On 29 April 2015 we travelled by train to the airport in Frankfurt. With Pegasus Airlines we went to Tbilisi via Istanbul Sabiha, the smaller airport in Istanbul (in opposite to the better known airport Istanbul Atatürk). The price for the return flight was less than 250 Euro for each of us.

Airport Istanbul Sabiha at night

Airport Istanbul Sabiha at night

In Tbilisi Sandro (Alexander Pkhakadze), one of the owners of Ride East, picked us up with his 1985 Wolga, giving a first taste of old soviet engineering art.

Tbilisi International Airport

Tbilisi International Airport

Sandro's 1985 Wolga

Sandro’s 1985 Wolga

The first night we stood in Hotel Meridiani in the outskirts of Tbilisi. A nice family hotel, far away from any European standards, but with its own charme.

Hotel Meridiani

Hotel Meridiani

After some hours of sleep Sandro picked us up from the hotel again and we checked in in Hotel Guto in the center of Tbilisi. Here we met Martin, Petra, Thomas and Elke. In the evening we had dinner with Sandro and his girl friend Nino in a traditionell Georgian restaurant in the old town of Tbilisi.

We had Khachapuri, Khinkali, Shkmeruli, Lavashi, Georgian salad, beer and Cha Cha and Sandro took over the role as a Tamada, very important for every Georgian meal. It was a great evening with great Georgian food and drinks and it gave a first impression what we had to expect during the next days.

Read more – Day 1

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