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Intense Colours Photography

When I started to use my first DSLR, a Canon EOS 1000D, I was always disapointed about the results. The photos in jpg-format appeared always grey and milky, far away from displaying what I have seen originally. At that time I was still influenced by analog photography, damning all editing as a kind of cheating.


Original jpg file

As a result I put away the DSLR for a long time.

When I made the second attempt with the same camera, I learned how to program the camera and how to use the program mode of the camera and not only the automatic mode – and the photos became better, but still far away from being satisfying.

I started to play with HDR photography, using Photomatix Pro 5 to develop my photos hence I had recognized that developing a photo is not cheating. It only makes the details visible which are already in the photo.

HDR photography intensed the colours of my photos but at the same time most of the photos got an artifical touch; better than before but still not yet what I looked for.


Result after a former developing of the file with Photomatix

Recently I started to use Adobe Lightroom and now I am on the way I looked for. The photos have the intense colours I love, they appear now as I remember the original situation. But also the compositions of my photos improve, hence I learned in the meantime about the importance of the Third rule.


Same photo again after developing with lightroom

Maybe other photographers are still of the opinion that digital developing of photos is cheating – I can accept this opinion, but I don’t care about this opinion. I have to love my photos in first line – and if others love them as well, it is fine. But there is no obligation for others to love my photos.


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