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I started in 1979 with a 50ccm Starflite. My first serious motorbike was a Honda CX 500 I bought in 1983 and sold in the same year, when temporarily quitting motorbiking.

In 2002 I started motorbiking again and bought a Suzuki DR 800. In 2003, after a nice car driver tried to kick from the bike and destroyed it, I bought a second Suzuki DR 800.

In 2004 my daughter wanted to join me on my motorbike tours. At that time she was 10 years old and too young to sit on the backseat for several hours. I decided to buy a motorbike with a sidecar, a BMW K1100LT.


My BMW K1100LT

In 2006 I bought an additional Yamaha FJ1200 and in 2009, when I worked in Georgia, an old KMZ (Dnepr) MV750, which I imported to Germany in 2013.



I presented the Suzuki DR800 to a friend in Georgia in 2001 and sold the KMZ MV750 in January 2016.

Actually I only have the BMW K1100LT – but it changed the look a little bit.


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