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Concert Photography with Sidewalk

Water on a Drum

In December 2017 I started to take photos on concerts of and in cooperation with the German Rock and Coverband Sidewalk. It was a new experience for me hence I never had done it before.

There are a lot of challenges in taking photos on rock concerts – very often the musicians move fast on the stage, and the light is changing very often – but I love it. Especially with a band like Sidewalk, playing a lot of my favourite music.

I guess, I will concentrate more on concert photography in future.

Here are some of the photos from the third photo session with Sidewalk, when they performed their Black & White concert at an amazing location in Bad Ems.


Sound- and Light-Check before the Concert


Live on Stage – Sidewalk


Five out of six Sidewalk members


Great Music and Great Light Effects


Jürgen Hallfell performing a Queen Cover


Anita Kunkel – Sidewalk’s female singerwith a great voice and a lot of energy


Sidewalk not only offers great music but also a great show


Fast changing light effects – a challenge for photographers


From left: Christoph Winkel (Guitar), Christop Grotejohann (Keybord), Jürgen Hallfell (Singer), Anita Kunkel (Singer), Christian Benner (Drums), Christian Decker (Bass)


Christian Decker performing Rio Reiser’s song “König von Deutschland”


Christoph Winkel performing Rammstein’s song “Engel”


Sidewalk’s guitarist Christoh Winkel


Playing the Bass: Christian Decker


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