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Second Photo Session with Sidewalk


On 26 December 2017 I had a second photo session with Sidewalk, a very popular coverband in my home region in Germany. In opposite to the Acoustic Session on 19 December 2017, Sidewalk performed a Disco Rockerz concert.

Besides the fact that they played a lot of songs which I really love – and they played them very good – the situation for me as a photographer was totally different. A bigger stage, more and faster changing light effects, more movement of the band members on the stage.

It was amazing and I really loved it to take all the photos.

Here is a small selection of those photos I already post-processed and published on Facebook and Instagram.


The Bassist – Christian Decker


The (male) Singer – Jürgen Halfell


The (female) Singer – Anita Kunkel


The Drummer – Christian Benner


The Bassist (once again) – Christian Decker


The Keyboarder – Christoph Grotehohann


The Guitarist – Christoph Winkel


The Drummer (once again) – Christian Benner


Another shot from Anita


Sidewalk on Stage


Four of the six band members on stage


Bassist Christian Decker performs “König von Deutschland”

I hope to have other opportunities for more photo sessions with this amazing band in future.


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