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Photo Session with Sidewalk

During my leave in December 2017, I had a photo session with Sidewalk, a very popular coverband from my home region in Germany. Sidewalk performed an Acoustic Session in Mayen.

Here are some of the photos and some comments on the difficulties concert photographers face.


The Bass

Photographing a band during a concert is a challenge. There’s definitely not enough light, and the photographer has to use a very high ISO which results in the typical noise of concert photos. Most of my photos are taken with ISO 12800. I tried to reduce the noise in Lightroom without destroying the typical charme of concert photos.


The singers – Anita and Jürgen

Although all band members sing during the concert, the main singers of Sidewalk are Anita and Jürgen. Jürgen is one of the three remaining foundation members of Sidewalk. Next year – 2018 – marks Sidewalk’s 20th anniversary.


The Singer – Anita

Anita is quiet new in the band, and her great voice fits amazingly well. When on stage, one can see that she really enjoys singing.

One of the problems photographers face: Most of the photos are from a perspective below the level of the stage. Another problem: Technical equipment, especially microphones, are blocking the view to the singers face. Due to that it is common to take serial shots, hoping that at least one of the shots will show the singers face without microphone.


Another singer – Jürgen

This photo is from a series of seven photos and the only one when Jürgen’s face was not covered by the microphone.


The Gitarist – Christoph

Christoph is the second foundation member of Sidewalk. My problem photographing him: He was most of the time behind a tower of speakers.

Sometimes it’s a problem for a photographer to find a good position without disturbing the audience and, of course, the band.


The Keyboarder – (another) Christoph

Christoph is the third of the remaining band founders.

Interestingly four out of six band members could have the nickname “Chris” (two Christian and two Christoph). But the nickname of the keyboarder is “Grotti” (maybe to avoid confusion?)


The Drummer – Christian

Very difficult to take a good photo of the drummer. He was a little bit hidden in the back of the stage. Fortunately I had the chance to take photos from the side of the stage as well.


The Bassist – Christian

I took the photo from the side of the stage, with the audience as background. It’s one of my favourite shots from the concert.


Anita and Grotti during a break

Another photo from the side of the stage. Anita and Grotti leaving the stage for a break.


The Audience

What’s a concert without a dancing, singing, and clapping audience. In the Sidewalk concert the audience did it all – dancing, singing, clapping. They had a lot of fun with the amazing performance of Sidewalk.

On 26. December 2017, I will meet Sidewalk again. They will perform a Disco Rockerz concert in Barweiler. And I will take photos again.

Thanks to Sidewalk, it was a pleasure to take photos during your concert.

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