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My Photo Highlights 2016

Sunrise in Central Ukraine

2016 was an important year for me as a photographer. Although I started photographing already some years ago, in 2016 for the first time I did in in a kind of organized way.

Beginning of 2016 I ordered some tutorials from Ben Jaworskyj. In May I participated in one of his workshops in Berlin.

In August I joined a guided photo tour in the zoo of Gelsenkirchen with Wilfried Olfs and had a coaching with the amazing dog photographer Elke Vogelsang (aka Wieselblitz).

In October I was in Tbilisi to take photos for the photo project “Community Dogs of Tbilisi“, a cooperation with Dog Organization Georgia to promote Catch-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release programs for stray dogs.

In December I had a PhotoShop coaching with Scotty Blue in Koblenz.

Already now I have plans for more coachings and workshops in 2017. In February I will have a coaching with animal photographer Tanja Brandt and in April I will participate a workshop with Elke Vogelsang.

Besides that I have a plan for another photo project – I will blog about it later.

Here you can find now my favourite photos from 2016 – enjoy 🙂


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