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Community Dogs of Tbilisi – part I

A group of girls caring about community dogs in Saburtalo

„Community Dogs of Tbilisi“ is the title of a photo and information book I am creating together with my daughter Eileen and in cooperation with Dog Organisation Georgia D.O.G. in Tbilisi in order to promote so called „Catch – Neuter – Vaccinate – Release (CNVR)“ programs.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO) CNVR is the only way to decrease the number of street dogs permanently.

A quote from the WHO Guidelines for Dog Population Management from 1990:

„Whether you kill the dogs or imprison them; it has no effect on the number of free roaming dogs. The number of dogs always adapts to the carrying capacity of the environment. The remaining bitches will mate more often, have larger litters and the pups have better survival chances so the number of dogs will soon be as high as it was.“

Beginning of October 2016 Eileen and I made a trip to Tbilisi and took more than 2,300 photos for the project that will result in a book with photos and information about the so called community dogs and the CNVR program in Tbilisi.

Now I have to select and post process the photos for the book whilst Eileen has to write the information chapters.

Here are some oft he photos we will publish in the book:

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