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Tbilisi – a Night Walk

Bridge of Peace and fortress Narikala

Together with my daughter I was in Tbilisi last week. And together we made a night walk in and around the old town of our favourite city. Of course, I had to use the opportunity to take some photos.

Here are the results:

In the heart of Tbilisi there is the Freedom Square (aka Liberty Square), a huge roundabout with a monument in the centre. Next to the Freedom Square is a small park, the Pushkin Park, and in the park there is a nice fountain.

Fountain Freedom Square

Fountain at Freedom Square

Some old houses in Tbilisi are illuminated at night. They really look beautiful.

Illuminated House

Illuminated House

Illuminated House 2

Illuminated House

Some years ago the so called “Bridge of Peace” was constructed to cross river Kura and connect the old town and a new recreation area. The modern bridge is illuminated at night. It makes a nice contrast to the illuminated old fortress Narikala in the background.

New Bridge Old Fortress

Bridge of Peace and fortress Narikala

Also illuminated at night: The Trinity Church opposite to the old town.

Trinity Church

Trinity Church

In the old town of Tbilisi there is the Theatre Tower, also known as Leaning Clock Tower. It belongs to the Rezo Gabriadze Theatre. Always worth a photo.

Theatre Tower

Theatre Tower

  Whoever visits Tbilisi should visit the old town at night – it’s worth to spend some hours.

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