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Return to Tbilisi

Old Town of Tbilisi

Actually I am sitting in my hotel room in Luhansk in the heart of the crisis area in Eastern Ukraine. It was the last day in the office, tomorrow it’s my day off and on Thursday I will start my two-days trip home to Germany; from Luhansk in self-proclaimed “Luhansk Peoples Republic” crossing the contact line to the railway station in Kostantinivka, by train to Kiev, staying in a hotel in Kiev overnight, and flying to Frankfurt on Friday.

Next Monday, 3rd October, my daughter and I will fly to Tbilisi again. Both of us have a special relation to this beautiful city in Georgia. I lived and worked in Georgia four years; my daughter lived there for almost half a year and visited an international school when she was 16 years old. Besides that we have been there several times for holidays – and one of our cats and two of our dogs are from Tbilisi.

And the dogs are the reason why we return to Tbilisi again.

Together with Dog Organization Georgia DOG, a Georgian NGO, we are planning to produce a photo book about the so called community dogs of Tbilisi to advertise Tag – Neuter – Vaccinate – Release programs (also known as Trap – Neuter – Release), according to World Health Organisation and leading animal protection organisations the only way to decrease the number of street dogs permanently.

D.O.G., sponsored and supported by The Mayhew International, an English animal welfare organisation, performs Tag – Neuter – Vaccinate – Release in cooperation with the Agricultural University Veterinary Clinic in Tbilisi.

It will be eight busy days in Tbilisi, a lot of photography and interviews with people involved in the program – but I am convinced it will be eight satisfying days as well.

I will continue to report about the visit in Tbilisi and the development of the photo project.


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