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It’s a sad day today

Smoky - the first of so far four "wild" cats adopting us

Eight years ago, in 2008, a grey “wild” cat appeared at our home and managed to occupy the laundry of our house. For several weeks the cat was not keen to leave the laundry and lived there.

Of course, we took the cat to the vet for vaccination, sterilization and necessary medical treatment – a standard procedure for all “wild” cats appearing at our home; our attempt to reduce the number of stray cats in our home region.

At the veterinary we recognized that the cat was a female one and already sterilized before.

When we returned from the vet the cat decided to stay and made no attempts to leave our home. Due to her colour we named her Smoky.

Smoky was the first in a row of four “wild” cats who never left our home after the medical standard procedure.

During the last weeks Smoky lost weight and obviously she also lost the will to live and just waited to die. As a consequence today we decided to put her to sleep.

Smoky will find her last resting place on our ground – where she lived the last eight years.


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