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The Dead Tree

The Dead Tree (b/w)

Twenty kilometers south of Luhansk I discovered a fascinating dead tree, looking like a man stretching his arms to the sky.

When I saw this tree the first time, I immediately knew that I will make my first photo series with this tree – the Dead Tree in the change of the year. Every month one photo of this tree.

I started with the first photo in March 2016 and took the second one today.

I guess, the tree will also show my improving photographer skills (at least I hope the skills will improve).

16 February 2017

Today I completed the “Dead Tree” photo project, I took the 12th and last photo. Now it’s time to look for a new project.


March 2016


April 2016

The Dead Tree in May

May 2016

Dead Tree (June)

June 2016

Dead Tree in July

July 2016

Dead Tree in August

August 2016


September 2016

Dead Tree in October

October 2016

Dead Tree in November

November 2016

Dead Tree December

December 2016

Dead Tree January

January 2017

Dead Tree February

February 2017

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