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Time for a change

Removed - the old logo of the blog

Almost 13 months after publishing my first blog entry, today I decided to change the appearance of my blog.

Hence I am concentrating more and more on photography and photo editing, neglecting my former sidecar hobby at the same time, I changed the title of the blog from “Franklin’s Sidecar and Photo Blog” to “Franklin’s Photo Blog” and the logo.

During the next days I will change the content of the blog as well.

Recently I started to work with Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop CC. A first remarkable result is my new logo. Here the development history:


Original jpg file


Result after a former editing of the file


Autumn in Eastern Ukraine 2015

The actual version of the same photo shows more intense colours than the original jpg file but looks much less artifical than the photo after first editing.

In future I will try to further develop this specific style of photo editing.

I will not make any changes to the first page of the blog in order to allow following the history of the development of the blog.

I hope you will enjoy the future changes.

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