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Railway Station Kostantinivka

On 19 February I left Luhansk to travel home for leave. First part of the trip led to the railway station in Kostantinivka, with the need to cross the contact line between self-proclaimed “Luhansk Peoples Republic” and government controlled territory of Ukraine.

Hence there was a lot of time, I took some photos in Kostantinivka.


Church in Kostantinivka

Some more photos of old and modern trains in Ukraine.

2 Comments on Railway Station Kostantinivka

  1. Wow! what a cool new train!

    Is it fast too?


  2. The so called InterCity Plus is going up to 160 km/h. It is quiet cheap (compared to Germany) and comfortable in 1st class. Approximately 6 hours from Kostantinivka to Kiev.


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