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Preparation time: 6 years

After publishing the article about my dream to travel to Kamchatka Peninsula yesterday, I met a decision: In 2022 I will travel to Kamchatka by motorbike and train.

Rough plan for the moment:

  • Sending my motorbike to Eastern Russia by truck and/or train
  • Travelling to the motorbike in Eastern Russia by train
  • Going to Kamchatka from Eastern Russia by motorbike and ferry
  • Spending up to four weeks in Kamchatka, exploring the peninsula
  • Hiring a guide to photograph Kamchatka Brown Bears, other wildlife and landscape.

My schedule:

  • Saving money to buy a new Ural Ranger in 2019
  • Testing and ammending the Ural Ranger for the travel
  • Saving more money to cover travel expenses as well as loss of earnings during the travel (in total two months)
  • Taking into consideration to contact sponsors

Actually I am checking train and freight connections from Germany to Eastern Russia and established a bank account to deposit the money I need for the motorbike and the travel.

If anyone of you have any kind of experence regarding travelling in Russia and especially Kamchatka, please, let me know; leave a comment or contact me by email. All tips are welcome.


Kamchatka Brown Bear with cub – Photo from Wikipedia (english)

I will report here about the preparation of the travel and – of course – about the travel itself.

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