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Kamchatka Peninsula – I have a dream

Since last year I dream about going to Kamchatka Peninsula to take photos of the famous Kamchatka Brown Bears.

Of course, I don´t want to book such a trip from a travel agency, I would prefer to go there by motorbike with sidecar – preferably a modern Ural Ranger.

The problems – Kamchatka is approximately 10,000 kms away from my home in Germany, there are no main roads to Kamchatka Peninsula, only unpaved roads, my Russian skills are not yet good enough for such a journey.


Kamchatka Peninsula – approximately 10,000 kms east of Germany

Let’s see if I will be able to realise my dream one day. Actually I am planning to buy an Ural Ranger in four to five years; then I need to safe some money for the travel. I already take Russian lessons in Ukraine to improve my language skills.

Today I am 53 years old – and my aim is to travel to Kamchatka before I am 60.

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